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Austerity Ecology

Feat. Leigh Phillips

Science journalist and author Leigh Phillips joins us on the show for an extended special episode! We discuss his 2015 book Austerity Ecology and the Collapse-Porn Addicts and the futility of addressing the environmental crisis within the framework of free market capitalism.

For A Progressive International

An Interview With Niki Ashton

On this episode, we are happy to announce that Canada’s most progressive politician Niki Ashton is our guest! We discuss the newly formed Progressive International: A cross-border effort to unify left wing political parties and movements from across the globe to help counter-act the rise of the right wing. We talk with Niki about what this movement is all about, what Canada can contribute to the global progressive movement and the importance that international solidarity plays in both political and labour movements across the globe.

The full hour long launch video conference for PI featuring Niki Ashton, Bernie Sanders, Yanis Varoufakis and others:

Block Sidewalk

Feat. Cory Doctorow

One of our favourite guests is back on the show! Renowned author, journalist, blogger and activist Cory Doctorow joins us to discuss the recently approved “smart city” development in Toronto by Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company.

We talk about the prospects of technologically integrated cities, democracy, whether the market can really be an effective tool in meeting human needs and the vision for the future.

Read the full article here:

Fascism With Chicken Fucker Characteristics

Feat. Fabio Durao

We continue our Latin American tour of 2019 and focus our attention on the new fascistic government of Bolsonaro in Brazil. Joining us is Fabio Durao, professor of Literary Theory from the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo! We go over the modern political history of Brazil, the recent elections, the endless absurdities of Bolsonaro vis a vis other authoritarian and right-wing governments like Trump and Duterte, the uselessness of Liberal moral outrage as well as the true agenda of this government to annihilate social security and bring Brazil back into a destitute, 19th century economy and culture.

No Journalism on a Dead Planet

Feat. Sophia Reuss

We are joined by editor of Rabble.ca Sophia Reuss to discuss her recent article in Briar Patch Magazine:


We chat about the sate of Canadian media, journalism, climate change & activism.

We also discuss corporate consolidation of media in our country, the climate crisis, whether online media can act as alternative and even the Canadian 2019 federal election.


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